V-tail Prestige is now available. Check the Prestige page    -    Samba Cuo F5J 2021 will be 11.12.september  

Our new project, which we are currently working on intensively, is PIKE Paradigm. This model is designed by Philip Kolb and Benjamin Rodax. The model is designed for the GPS Sport category, which is very well developed in Europe. Also it is great for slope alpine flying or flying for fun anywhere because it has an electric motor. The model will have a wingspan of 4726 mm, three-part wings. Diameter for spinner will be 38 mm. PIKE Paradigm will be the first model in this size category which will be made with full Rohacell core technology. Thanks to this technology, Pike Paradigm can be produced much stronger compared to sandwich technology at the same RTF weight. On the beginning it will be made with crostail and later also as V tail version.

The expected date for commercial sales is the end of 2021 - the beginning of 2022

French Championship F5J 2021 . 66 pilots
1st Nicolas Chansard jun. - Prestige 2PK
2nd Fred Filliol - Prestige 2PK
3rd Jérémy André - Ultima
Fantastic performance boys
Congratulations for all

Nová Paka Czech 26.6. 2021. 31competitors.
The best results for Prestige 2 PK pilots!
1st Martin Rajšner - Prestige 2 PK
2nd Vítězslav Štěrba - Prestige 2 PK
3rd Jiří Duchaň - Prestige 2 PK
4th Tomáš Bruner - Prestige 2 PK
5th Jiří Rajšner - Prestige 2 PK
6th Milan Chalupník - Prestige 2 PK
Congratulations and we hope that you enjoyed flying
Congratulations also to nice comeback Jane Štěrbová - Vostřelová 14th place - Prestige 2 PK
Results (`no finals) page 1 , page 2

First and biggest F5J competition in Czech republic this year so far.
Náchod 19 - 20.6. 2021. Difficult conditions as usual in Náchod.
64 competitors from 5 countries.
1st Radek Malčík - Prestige 2PK
2nd Martin Rajšner - Prestige 2PK
3rd Vítězslav Štěrba - Prestige 2PK
4th Petr Malčík - Prestige 2PK
Congratulation for all
results: finals - prelim 1, 2, 3

Nice photos by Tomáš Winkler HERE

Radovan Plch flies a new slope with teh Pike Precision2

Assembly video of Vtail fuse (long video):

F5J France - 30 mai 2021 - Etrepagny F5J
1st competition after lockdown
1st Fred Filliol 2nd Ivan Moquereau 3rd Nicolas Chansard.
Congratulations to all 40 pilots!

V-tail Prestige 2PK - realized - Pictures HERE

Prestige Vtail initial setup (Jo Grini)
CG 109mm tested with 1280g to 1700g.
Elevator speed down 1mm
Elevator thermal 0mm
Elevator speed down 0,5mm
Elevator up 11mm / down 15mm (25 with brake)
Brake half down 7mm, full down 9mm
Rudder up 11mm down 10mm

Samba Cup F5J 2021 has new date 11-12.september 2021. Situation with Covid is not good in Czech Republic now. We hope that the situation will be much more optimistic in the autumn
Stand by for more info and invitation - Read last year report HERE

Julian Benz having fun with his Pike Precision 2

David James Malkin takes first place with Prestige 2PK.
ALES , 13 - 14.3 2021 St Augustine, USA

The GPS Light season has started.
The pilots on Tenerife started training with the new PRESTIGE 2PK Light.
Six pilots from Tenerife received 6 new PRESTIGE 2PK Light at the beginning of January ...................................... .....

On the photos are Guillermo Braun and Tom Ecker
More photos HERE

3D printer files for LDS install and stand for fuse

We wish you all a safe year in 2021!

Prestige 2PK STORM is a new version for very windy conditions in the F5J category. We were mainly inspired for this change in several windy competitions last season.
It will be produced instead of the Windy version and will be much stronger than the Normal version. Its RTF weight will be 1650 - 1700 g. The carbon skin layer is reinforced and the beam is strengthened. The beam reaches 80% of the strength of the F3J version.
We used our experience with full rohacell core technology in the development of the F3J version of the Prestige 2PK. This is probably the only model in the F3J category, which is made using full Rohacell core technology.

Available versions
- F5J FAI version , RTF weight 1040g, stiffness spar – 12%
- F5J Light version , RTF weight 1150g – 1250 g, stiffness spar– 12%
- F5J Normal version, RTF weight 1350g – 1480g, stiffness spar – 50%
- F5J STORM version , RTF weight 1650 - 1700g – stiffness spar – 80%
- F3J FAI version, RTF weight 1720 – 1750g, stiffness spar – 100% (FAI weight is 1732,6 g)
- GPS LIGHT version RTF weight 1900g stiffness spar – 100% (FAI weight is 2598 g)
- F3J 130% version, RTF weight 2000g, stiffness spar – 130%

A story from World Champion Jan Kohout is out as book.
Check out modely.hk

Peter Zweers have been out winching his Prestige 2PK F3J version and Egbert van der Laan filmed him. The result is a rather nice video as we go into the winter season for some of us. F3J version can be ordered now. Weight is spot on FAI F3J limit but depending on colors used. It can also be mounted with servos under the wing so one can just change the nose to electro and fly it as an F5J version. The change takes 30 seconds 😉
Here is the video:


Congratulations Rui Paiva!!:

PRESTIGE 2PK FESTIVAL  -  Czech F5J Championship
Jehnědí 12 - 13.9. 2020 New location for F5J - very nice ultralight airfield Jehnědí. Great end of F5J season. Excellent weather with a lot of sun and weak wind. 66 pilots.
Radek Malčík became the champion of the Czech Republic. His lowest swich-off height in fly off was only 14 m
1st place senior 65+ Alois Hrabáček - PRESTIGE 2PK
1st junior Jaroslav Vostřel - PRESTIGE 2PK
Total results
1st Radek Malčík - PRESTIGE 2PK
2nd Petr Heinrich - PRESTIGE 2PK
3rd Martin Rajšner - PRESTIGE 2PK
4th Jan Vácha - PRESTIGE 2PK
5th Jiří Ducháň - PRESTIGE 2PK
6th Luboš Pospíšil - ENJOY 4
7th Věnek Beran -ENJOY 4
8th Tomáš Winkler - PRESTIGE 2PK
9th Vlastimil Vostřel - PRESTIGE 2PK
10th Vítězslav Štěrba - PRESTIGE 2PK
11th Jaroslav Vostřel - PRESTIGE 2PK
12th Jaroslav Vostřel jun. - PRESTIGE 2PK
13th Stanislav Perkovič - PRESTIGE 2PK
14th Pavel Svoboda - ENJOY 4
15th Zdeněk Malčík - PRESTIGE 2PK
16th Alois Hrabáček - PRESTIGE 2PK
Congratulations for all
Thank you Philip Kolb for the fantastic job

Prestige 2PK is also working excellent for the new Eurotour GPS-Triangle Lightclass and proved it’s potential by winning the first Eurotour Competition last weekend in Schäftlarn (Germany)!
Philip flew all flights at 2800g weight in both dead and thermal conditions.

Vipava SLO 12 - 13.9. 2020 F5J Eurotour
1st Roberto Bonafede ITA - PRESTIGE 2PK
2nd Gallizia Giuseppe ITA- Explorer Q
3rd Pliberšek Martin SLO - ?
4th Helmut Röhner GER - Pike DYNAMIC
Congratulations for all

3 x Prestige 2PK F3J at the National Championship F3J in Norway
Stig Magne Olsen won in front of Jo Grini and Fredrik Grini. All flying Prestige 2PK F3J version. They also won the team Gold medal. Congratulations!

20th World cup - Eurotour F3J - Czech Championship F3J
Podhořany CZE 5.9.2020 - Twenty competitors from CZE, GER and SVK. Difficult conditions with downhill wind. Thanks to the organizers for organizing the competition in Covid time, even though there were a smaller number of competitors
1st Jany Littva SVK - Prestige 2PK
2nd Martin Rajšner CZE - Prestige 2PK
3rd Luboš Pospíšil CZE - Enjoy 3
4th Luboš Němček SVK - Pike Perfection
5th Tomáš Bruner CZE - Pike Perfection
6th Jaroslav Koštan SVK - Pike Perfection
Martin Rajšner also became the Czech F3J champion for 2020
Congratulation for all

Jo Grini won the double in Norway this weekend. He won F5J on saturday with Prestige 2PK and just switched nose and won F3J with the Prestige 2PK sunday. This was National Cup both days in Norway. Others in podium F5J was Otto De Besche (Prestige 2PK) and Anders Bye. On F3J it was Stig Magne Olsen (Dynamic) and Otto De Besche (Perfection). Congratulations

Holíč SVK F5J EUROTOUR 29 - 30.8. 2020
45 competitors from six countries.
Saturday tricky and Sunday windy conditions.
Winner Radek Malčík CZE Prestige 2PK with 3 x 1000 in Fly off
2nd Primož Rižner SLO Exlorer Q
3rd Vlastimil Vostřel CZE Prestige 2PK
4th Jany Littva SVK Pike Perfection
Congratulations for all !!!!
Big congratulation also for
Alois Hrabáček CZE Prestige 2PK for 1st place 60+
Results - Finals - Preliminary

60+ podium

This years Samba Cup is over. Thanks to all our friends that were here and also all that helps us organize. We had 6 preliminary rounds and 3 fly off in changing conditions and the overall winner was Radek Malcik in seniors, Adrian Gallet as best junior (also 2nd in senior) and Peter Feigl as best over 65.
See you again next year. There will be some videos and pictures in the following days off course :-)
Read all about it HERE

2020.08.22 Samba Cup 2020 - Briefing and first start

we are very pleased with the huge number of registered participants. Shortly after the registration opens, over 140 pilots from 15 countries are registered. Due to the development of Covid 19, some competitors may be prevented from participating in the competition. If such stuation occurs, please notify us samba@f3j.com . You can also order lunch and dinner at samba@f3j.com  ( if you did not do in the application)

F5J competition in Hořice CZE. 51 competitors from Czech and Poland.
Hot weather, a lot of thermal and also sink.
Jaroslav Vostrel win in a difficult Fly-off
See the pictures and results HERE

Pike Precision 2 is also available with electro fuse
Check out this new and nice video from Norway flying on the beach
at 0m and on the slope at 1000m the same day.
This is a strong UMS40 version with very light motor but enough for
some fun and safety on the slope

2020.07.27 Pike Precision2 Electro at Loen, Norway from Jo Grini on Vimeo.
Youtube version HERE

Fun F5J competition in Tábor CZE also with friends from Poland, Ukraine and Germany.
36 pilots, 11 preliminary rounds, 3 Fly off and one winner
Only 5 pilots flew full time in Fly off.
1st Radek Malčík Prestige 2PK
2nd Jiří Duchaň Prestige 2PK
3rd Ondřej Rezler Vertigo
4th Vítězslav Štěrba Prestige 2PK
5th Jaroslav Vostřel jun. Prestige 2PK
Congratulations for all
Nice weather and heavy rain 10 min. after price giving ceremony

Nice photos from F5J competition in Tábor by Tomáš Winkler.

New GM propellers for Prestige 2PK arrived.
The most expected was 10/6 C.L. Prestige 2PK nose 32 mm. Little, nice, powerful and great fit.

It Is suitable for outruners like Dualsky XM3040EG-9 and Axi 2220/12 Long F5J. Both with 4S Lipo. Thank you Georgi Mirov

13.6. 2020 Another great F5J competition in new location Dětřichov. Small nice airfield but enough big for F5J competition.The organizer managed to fly 6 rounds without fly of in beautiful weather. Interesting switching heights by winner Radek Malčík in all flights on the result list.
Big thanks to organizer for nice competition with timekeepers. We hope that we can return next year on two days competition.
1st Radek Malčík - Prestige 2PK
2nd Petr Malčík - Panther
3rd Vlastimil Vostřel - Prestige 2PK
4th Jaroslav Vostřel jun. - Prestige 2PK
5th Petr Dušek - Pike Perfection
6fh Vítězslav Štěrba - Prestige 2PK
Congratulations for all,
We looking forward to next weekend for two-day F5J competition in Náchod - Vysokov

9th Samba Cup F5J - 22-23/8-2020

hier is direct link for on-line registration:  https://stoupak.cz/sorgair/index.php?id=77

On line-registration will be open : 4.7. 2020 at 7:00pm

Mandatory informations for quick registration:

Last name, First name,FAI licence and email

The remaining informations can be added later, preferably within two weeks


Read about 2019 HERE

The date of the Samba Cup has been postponed to August 22-23.8. 2020.
We hope that by the end of August, the restrictive measures in connection with COVID-19 will have been relaxed to such an extent that it will be possible to hold the competition with certain restrictions. We are looking forward to your participation.
Termín Samba cupu je posunut na 22. - 23.8 2020
Doufáme, že ke konci srpna budou restrikční opatření v souvislosti s COVID-19 již zmírněny natolik, že se soutěž bude možné s určitými omezeními uspořádat. Těšíme se na vaši účast.

9th. Samba cup F5J - NEW Informations
The korona situation in the Czech Republic is developing quite well. It is now possible to organize events with up to 100 people. From May 25, the number of people is likely to increase to 500. All under certain security conditions. But since everything is developing very dynamically and the situation may change or worsen, registration for the Samba cup F5J will not start until the beginning of July. International participants are also welcome if they are allowed to enter the territory of the Czech republic.
It is probable that the entry of foreigners from individual countries will be released gradually according to the current situation in individual countries.
The start and place of registration will be published at the turn of June and July.
Stay healthy, see you in August

9th. Samba cup F5J - NOVÉ informace
Situace s Koronavirem se zatím vyvýjí vcelku dobře. Nyní je možnost pořádat akce s počtem do 100 osob . Od 25.května bude pravděpodobně počet osob zvýšen do 500. Vše za určitých bezpečnostních podmínek. Ale jelikož se vše vyvíjí velmi dynamicky a situace se může změnit, i zhoršit, bude registrace na Samba cup F5J spuštěna až začátkem července. Vítáni jsou i mezinárodní účastníci, pokud jim bude umožněn vstup na území české republiky.
Je pravděpodobné, že vstup cizinců z jednotlivých zemí bude uvolňován postupně dle aktuální situací v jednotlívých zemích.
Začátek a místo registrace bude zveřejněno na přelomu června a července.
Zůstaňte zdraví , uvidíme se v srpnu

Notice for customers: From May 2020 it is possible to pay by PAYPAL. This is especially advantageous for smaller amounts.
The current delivery date for our models is August 2020.

First F5J competition in ´´Corona time´´ Nová Paka,
CZE 16.5. 2020 , 43 competitors.
1st Radek Malčík - Prestige 2PK
See results and pictures HERE

First flights on the 2PK GPS version of Prestige 2PK has been done and it can be ordered
Read first impressions from the designer Philip Kolb HERE



Prestige 2PK nose cone for F3J version. It is made for electro version nose cone but from diameter 30 mm. The new version is nicer and more fluent shape than 32mm nose cone nose.

Prestige 2PK F3J - F5J. Many pilots require the Prestige 2PK F3J also as an electro for stormy conditions F5J. Read more and see bigger pictures HERE

The second set of aluminum molds for Prestige 2PK is ready. This means shorter ordering times.
Keep practice, stay healthy. Samba model TEAM

ST 129 HM in Precision 2
We started to produce a new strength version of the
Pike Precision 2 for F3F made of ST 129 HM
The model in the photo is for Alvaro Silgado at the World Championship F3F 2020.

is released and proven at competitions.
Now a good description and words from the designer Philip Kolb is available.
Read ALL about it HERE

Midsection coming out of mould, Prestige 2PK

Andreas Bohlen World Champion F3B 2019 - Congratulations!
Read more and see some pictures HERE

1st World Championship F5J 2019
The very first World Championship F5J is over!
Samba model was well presented with pilots flying our models and we are proud that you choose our models. We managed to prepare a few models for this World Championship from our new model the Prestige 2PK. This model is speciafically designed for F5J and the pilots managed to get good results with very limited flying time before this WC. Best of them was again Roberto Bonafede with his Bronze medal in Seniors. The Czech Team Seniors with Silver medal and the Czech Team Juniors with Bronze medal. Congratulations!!!
The full results can be found HERE
We have also found some pictures of podium winners HERE
More writing later and a new page for the Prestige 2PK is very soon ready
A small video of Prestige 2PK can be found HERE

The biggest F5J competition in the world with nearly 190 competitors.
Only 3 pilots flew the world chalange with Prestige 2PK (others save their planes for WCH)
and all 3 pilots were in the fly off.

1st Roberto Bonafede ITA, PRESTIGE 2PK
5th Vlastimil Vostřel CZE, PRESTIGE 2PK
7th Andre Ziegler GER, Pike DYNAMIC
8th Paolo Rota ITA, PRESTIGE 2PK
Big Congratulations!!
A few more photos and detailed results final HERE

Vlastimil Vostřel won preliminary rounds and got 2nd in the finals of this years F5J Loire Valley, Contest Eurotour . Vlastimil flew his new Prestige 2PK from Samba Model. Only a poor landing made him loose the win!! Congratulations!!!
Photos by Tomas Winkler HERE - Results: Final - Prelim page 1, 2, 3

8th Samba Cup is over
Read all about
when Jojo (Jo Grini) visited us
and Jan Leiner became Champion
7 nations participated


FMT with a nice article about Pike Precision 2. Buy it at https://www.vth.de/fmt or in some magazine stores

Stop the press!!
Jaroslav Vostrel Junior / "Makroslav" World Champion F3J!!!
World Champion F3J Jaroslav Vostrel Jr "Makroslav" (earlier called Mikroslav) with his mother Eva Vostřelová after getting dunked in water for his win. Jaroslav is the youngest WCH F3J champion at 13 years age. He flew his Pike Perfections all competition 1700g SL, 1900g LS and 2050g standard. He was the only one with full time all flights!!! And that included some rocket launches!
See some pictures and results HERE

FAI weights info added to model pages
Pike Dynamic - Pike Perfection - Prestige 2PK

World Champion Jaroslav Vostrel Jr. with
the new FAI loading limit version

FAI Pike Dynamic
The new F3J version, which at 1680g RTF fulfills the minimum loading in the F3J class and is very solid built for this class. With this FAI version, thanks to the use of partly other materials and improved model design, this version (built on the LS version) was able to achieve even higher strength at a lower weight. The model is fitted with our proven LDS system. We recommend the use of 22g servos such as JRDS 181, JRDS 187, KST X10 mini, Futaba S 3173svi and the like. Servos such as KST X12-508 are suitable for the fuse. The model is produced in both versions of crostail and V-tail.

Pike Dynamic can be delivered with loose nose cone for combo version F5J/F3J. Both Vtail and Xtail available. See more HERE

Building instructions Pike Dynamic
Settings and instructions HERE

KST servos in stock and ready for LDS
Now we can also provide LDS servo linkage/frames for KST servos to complete our line.
Read all about it HERE

Pike Precision 2
Read all about the evolutionary design of the Pike Precision 2 HERE
Another great development by Benjamin Rodax and Philip Kolb

Pike Dynamic - The most successful F5J and F3J model in 2017.

18 victories in World Cup , CONTEST EUROTOUR, Intertour and WORLD CHALLENGE F5J 2017
14 different pilots won with PIKE DYNAMIC. Also there were many victories i national competitions. Congratulations to all winners and we wish you good luck in the next season where most of you will be participating in the first ECH F5J and will fly qualifications for the WCH F5J 2019.
Samba model

F3J and F5J changes for 2016
New 5,3 degree joiners
Read all about it HERE

F3B and F3F updates for 2016
Read about the UMS 40 TOP version
Read more HERE

Congratulations to Yoshihiro Kurita getting
second place at China SCSA Open F5J 2019
Podium picture HERE

Broken fuse? You can repair it in less than 2 hours. Check out this fix blog from Jo Grini

Holič cup - F5J Contest Eurotour 6-7.7 2019 SVK
84 competitors
1st. Gergič ŠTRAVS jun. SLO Pike Perfection
2nd Bohuslav Majerčík SVK Infinity
3rd Frak Tomasz POL Vertigo
4th Jiří Duchaň CZE Prestige 2PK
Seniors 60+
1st Ferdinand Kalivoda CZE Pike Dynamic
2nd Jaroslav Koštan SVK Jantar
3rd Stanislav Perkovič CZE Pike Dynamic

Jan Kohout became National Champion F3B with his Pike Precision 2. Congratulations! 

F3F Contest Nockalm 2019 - 15 rounds
Radovan Plch. CZE wins with Precision2
Picture borrowed from Tomas Winkler
More photos HERE

Bravo Sebastian!
Congratulations to 1st place
3rd GALLET, Adrien
F5J Internationaler Burgpokal 2019 LSV Brüggen-Schwalmtal - Contest Eurotour F5J
Competition with very dificult conditions -92 competitiors
pictures - results

Kirchheim/Teck e.V. 16. Kirchheim Open F3B 2019 GER 27.-28. April 2019
Successful weekend for Austrian F3B Team
Congratulations Good start to WCH season

1st Team
Rossmann, Hans AUT Pike Precision 2
Gerhard Flixeder AUT Pike Precision 2
Jürgen Pölzl AUT Pike Precision 2

Total results - podium picture
1st. Martin Weberschock GER
2nd. Gerhard Flixeder AUT Pike Precision 2
3rd.Jürgen Pölzl AUT Pike Precision 2

Team results - Total results

First F3J CONTEST Eurotour on electric winch.
Congratulations to Jany Littva 1st. and Ľuboš Nemček 3rd. Both with Pike Perfection

Exelent start to new F3F season for Alvaro Silgado with Pike Precision 2 at World cup La Muela (SPAIN). Great competition with exelent wind conditions 15 - 20 m/s.
Congratulations Alvaro to second place!

13 - 14 April 2019
San Damiano, Carisio (Vercelli) Italy
Eurotour, Intertour, FAI World Cup F5J
Big competition with 90 pilots from 8 countries.
xcellent succes of Italien boys with Pike Perfections 🤩
1st Salvigni Marco ITA - Pike Perfection
4th Bonafede Roberto ITA - Pike Perfection
6th Comanducci ITA - Pike Perfection
9th Rota Paolo ITA - Pike Perfection
Congratulations, you are really good
See more pictures HERE

 Dutch national F5J winter cup
1st Ool Van Pascal NED, Pike Dynamic
2nd Bob Tito NED ,Pike Perfection
3rd Lukas Planken GER ,Pike Dynamic
Big congratulations boys - Picture podium

Older news HERE

Let us introduce our firm and mainly our products.
Jane from Samba with Brio. Photo: Knewt.com
All our models are based on our own experience but also on the experience of the pilots all over the world.
Before we make moulds and start production of a model we make a prototype and test it. As soon as we know that the model is good it is time to make the moulds. We cooperate with the top pilots in the world to get feedback. A model good enough for a world contender is a very smooth and balanced plane for you as a customer. The models we produce are the best out there and we will always take feedback to make them better.

Our firm is seated in Sebranice, Czech Republic and are a family company with a strong staff of the best workers that can be found. We all travel to the big competitions and thereby get new knowledge and ideas of things to come. You can be sure that we are always working on being that tiny edge in front of the development.

Our models are produced in a lot of shapes. Many PIKE-parts fit together so you can have a different model with the same fuse. There is a lot of options on the PIKE´s:

Wings: You can choose different lay ups- glass, carbon, double carbon - called eXtreme, or special version of PIKE Superior/Brio - light or super light. The flaps are made top bottom hinged. Bottom hinged flaps allows 90° down deflection. For better brakes a broader flaps are also available on request.

Fuselages: is made of carbon / kevlar cloth but also pure glass fiber if ordered. You can have stronger ones for slope flying or lighter for F3B or F3J. The fuse is equipped with adjustable tow hook and can hold two ballast chambers for those tough conditions. We have several different fuses available to suit the needs of you as a pilot. All fuses can be fitted to either a PIKE Superior or PIKE Brio wing.
Three main options are:
- W: Two piece V-tail fuse with removable nosecone is often preferred by the F3F pilot that wants V-tail but the easy transportation that a 2-piece V-tail offers. The tail section is very rigid and can take those hard sideslip landings on the slope.
- V: One piece V-tail fuse with canopy fuse is the lightest alternative we have and with the canopy fuse it can take some hard landings and still be aerodynamic slim. Two sizes V-tail are available to fit different type of flying.
- X: A light and very efficient tail is a key issue in aero modeling. A well built and constructed X-tail have always been preferred by modelers all over the world. We believe we have constructed an elevator/rudder fuse that not only is rigid and efficient but with linkage that is very precise and with no slop. The fuse is with canopy opening and two sizes elevator is available to fit different type of flying. The weight penalty is very little because we use the best technique available.

Accessories: All our models is delivered with ready fitted control horns on all surfaces (nuts glued in the surface) and ready fitted pushrods in the fuse.

Ballast tubes: Ballast tubes in the fuselage are standard - 1 tube for apx 500 g or 2 tubes for apx 1000 g. On request one ballast tube can also be in the wings with 500-1000g of ballast. We can off course deliver brass ballast with your model.

Thanks to Jo Grini and Kevin Newton that we can use their pictures on our web page.

Samba Models - samba@f3j.com

© Copyright 2006  webhosting



- Pike Dynamic results:
F5J CRO CUP 2018
Vercelli 2018
Gecitkale Cup 2018
success 2017

World Challenge 2017
US Champion F5J
Eurotour contest f5j in Weilheim
Kecskéd Trophy F5J 2017
Nordic Champs 2017

Eurotour Oberpullendorf
F5J cup Holič
Litteam cup
1.Maintalpokal Worldcup
Eurotour F5J toldijk


- Pike Precision2 results
Speedcup Kirchheim Open 2018
La Muela F3F 2018

World Championship F3B 2017

F3F France RC-Network Open 2017


- Pike Perfection results:
F5J World cup 2016
F5J CONTEST Eurotour 2016
- Osijeka 2016
- HOLÍČ (SVK) F3J 2016
- Nordic Champs F3J 2015
- Holic F3J 2015
- Eurotour F3J Italy 2015
- WC F3J 2014 - Martin 2014
- France Nationals 2014
- Eurotour F3J Italy 2014
- Contest Eurotour 2013
- Norway champinship 2013
- Martin Cup Eurotour
- Nordic Championship 2013
- Norway championship 2012
- Jura Cup Eurotour
- Korona World Cup
- Belgium Championship
- Eurotour Poland
- Junior world Champion
Senior Silver World Championship

- 1 and 3rd in Martin by Littva
- 3 first places in Czech qualifying for EC 2013
- See model HERE

- Spring cup Portugal 2016
- HHT - cup 2016
Achmer/Osnabrück F5J

- Eurotour Toldijk 2015 1st place
INTERTOUR F5J 2015 Dubnica 1st
- Eurotour total F5J 2014 1st place
- 2ND GREEK F5J FAI 2014
- Trofeo Ibérico, Spain 2014 F5J
- Moravia Cup 2014
- first F5J eurotour contest 2014
- Pike Perfection wins Intertour 2013
- Pike Perfect wins 1st and 3rd in Spain National Championship
- Pike Perfection wins Dutch Championship
- Masters F5J 2012 in Spain. 2 of 3 classes was won with Pike Perfect

F5J results 2011
1st and 2nd in Chomutov
1st and 2nd in Trnava


Pike Precision results
Kirchheim Open 2018
Intertour 2016complete results HER
- RC-Network-Open F3F 2016
- Colmar F3B 2016
- La Muela F3F 2016
- Gator F3B 2016
- Arnhem Open F3B 2015
Nockalm-Pokal F3F 2015
-  „22nd Summer Soaring Criterium“ Anthsness, BEL
- Jesenik F3Bcontest
- Contest Eurotour F3B Colmar 2014
- Contest Eurotour 1st/2nd F3F 2013
- National Champs France
- Speed cup Jesenik
- Nockalm Contest
Santa Iria Eurotour F3F

- Pike Precision does well in Rana World Cup
- Pike Precision wins
Spanish NationalsLa Muela and Easter F3F Denmark



Pike Precision
42. Oktoberfestpokal F3B
1st in world cup f3f 2016
2nd in eurotour f3f 2016
4th place first competition Eurotour

F3J results 2011
1st in UK Nationals
1st in Martin
1st, 2nd, 3rd in Porici
1st Czech qualifying
1st Radioglide
1st Czech championship

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