World Championship F3J 2018

Jaroslav Vostrel Junior / "Makroslav" World Champion F3J!!!
World Champion F3J Jaroslav Vostrel Jr "Makroslav" (earlier called Mikroslav) with his mother Eva Vostřelová after getting dunked in water for his win. Jaroslav is the youngest WCH F3J champion at 13 years age. He flew his Pike Perfections all competition 1700g SL, 1900g LS and 2050g standard. He was the only one with full time all 8 flights including reflights!!! And that included some rocket launches!

Second place juniors team Czech Republic!
2 team members with Pike Perfection and one Enjoy 3

Second place seniors team Czech Republic!
Jaroslav Vostrel with Pike Dynamic, Martin Rajsner with Pike Dynamic,
Luboš Pospisil with Enjoy 4

Results Juniors HERE - Results Seniors HERE - Precontest results HERE






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