We deliver also:

Clear servo covers
Check your servo before each flight
Or just as a cool gadget!
Comes in small or big bulb


Brass lead for fuse and wing
Wing Perfection is
16mm brass
Older fuse ballast Superior, Brio and Giant  is 13,7x30mm
Wing lead is smaller
One tube in fuse can take 12pcs
Spring first and wood block last
Wooden block have hole and can be removed with canopy rod

Heat protection or just wing covers?
See more pictures HERE



Full wiring harness!
Good wires is essential for
those new digital servos.
Let us make your harness


Parachutes Adequate FAI Rules (5dm2)
Very good quality and will withstand hard F3B starts without braking.
Will take launch of 320m

They are VERY well done and made in Czech Republic. 

Hand Winches  

Hand Winches
with changeable drum
extra drum can be bought

Hand Winches  

Hand winches