1st World Championship F5J 2019
The very first World Championship F5J is over!
Samba model was well presented with pilots flying our models and we are proud that you choose our models. We managed to prepare a few models for this World Championship from our new model the Prestige 2PK. This model is speciafically designed for F5J and the pilots managed to get good results with very limited flying time before this WC. Best of them was again Roberto Bonafede with his Bronze medal in Seniors. The Czech Team Seniors with Silver medal and the Czech Team Juniors with Bronze medal. Congratulations!!!
The full results can be found HERE
We have also found some pictures of podium winners HERE
More writing later and a new page for the Prestige 2PK is very soon ready
A small video of Prestige 2PK can be found HERE

Roberto Bonafede and Japan team member Hiromitsu Hide Matsumoto

Czech Team Juniors

Czech Team

Senior pilots

Roberto Bonafede 3rd place and Bronze medal

Czech Team Juniors on 3rd position

Podium Senior induvidual

Podium Senior Team

Czech Senior Team

Czech Team Juniors

Czech team

Roberto Bonafede and Jaroslav Vostrel



The biggest F5J competition in the world with nearly 190 competitors.
Only 3 pilots flew the world chalange with Prestige 2PK (others save their planes for WCH)
and all 3 pilots were in the fly off.

1st Roberto Bonafede ITA, PRESTIGE 2PK
5th Vlastimil Vostřel CZE, PRESTIGE 2PK
7th Andre Ziegler GER, Pike DYNAMIC
8th Paolo Rota ITA, PRESTIGE 2PK
Big Congratulations!!

Preliminary results Senior - Preliminary junior - age 60+ - Organizer link HERE - Facebook


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