Andreas Bohlen World Champion F3B 2019

Some words from the new World Champion:

We were able to participate in the F3B World Championship Jesenik CZ and celebrate a historic Swiss success.
I won the competition with Pike Precision 2 and we won also in the Team.
My team-colleague reached the 3th place.

This was my third title on WC after 2005, Iím very very happy !!

I changed the plane in the second round. The start was with the Device and then after the crash I flow with the new Pike Precision2.

I was also very happy with my speed-performance:
3. round: 13.77 4. round: 16.77 (wrong flap position on the transmitter..)
5. round: 12.98 6. round: 14.05 7. round: 13.05

I won also all Distances (B) with the Pike Precision.

Thanks a lot for your support !!


Precision 2 pilots at WC F3B 2019:
1 st Andreas Boelen
4th Flixider Bernhard
5tn polzl jurgen
7th Rossman Hans
8th Flixideg Gerhard
11th Jan Kohout
12th Pavel marek
14th Duchesne Denis

From first 14 positions there were 8 pilots with Precision 2





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