PIKE Brio is now in production
The PIKE Brio model is designed for top F3F flying. It is also easy to control like all PIKE´s. 
You can also fly F3B category with this model.
The model comes with 2 piece V-tail and nosecone or the Superior fuse.

Development and the production :
The prototype was finished of styropor and balsa. Kevin Newton and Radovan Plch have tested the qualities of the model and it is great. The model is now in production. 

There are different versions available and also three different fuses.:
- The same fuse as for Superior with X-tail or with one-piece V-tail
- The new 2 piece V-tail fuse is brand new with new solutions :
I.   much better nose cone (there are not problems with breaking of the nose as with w.r. fuse)
II.  perfect seating of the 2-piece v-tail: 8mm Carbon tube and 2 x steel wire 2,5mm - It is very good for rough landings in F3F
III. recommendation: 
     for F3F - fuse with removable nose cone and 2-piece v-tail
     for F3B - cabin fuse with 1-piece v-tail or crossing tail
- All fuselages are made of hybrid Carbon/Kevlar cloth. Glass fuselage is also available.
- All bolts, keys, control horns, brass ends for pushrods and the wiring connector for fuse/wing are standard equipment for all models.
- All spars are made of UMS Carbon fibre (high modular Carbon) without any extra cost!

3-piece wing. The leading edge is ellipsed. The flaps and ailerons are bottom hinged that makes better aerodynamics because we don't need big servo covers.

Kevin Newton is one of the test-pilots and some pictures and writing is on his site: www.knewt.com 
Latest news is that Kevin won the UK F3F League in 2002 by the largest amount in many years using the Brio prototype. 
The test model have been flown with 2-piece V-tail (profile MG-05).

Jane from Samba with Brio. Photo: Knewt.comSpecification:
Wing span: 3020 mm
Wing area: 62 dm2
Profile: MG06
 - Carbon:
Full Carbon wings + one Carbon layer inside ailerons. 1
200g ballast and steel pushrods.
1-piece V-tail 2050g,
2-piece V-tail 2230g
X-tail 2130g
 - extreme: Double Carbon wings. 1
200g ballast and steel pushrods.
1-piece V-tail 2120g,
2-piece V-tail 2300g
X-tail 2290g

| Throws | 3D-view 2-piece v-tail | 3D-view canopy fuse | Hinge line 1 | Hinge line 2 |
| Fuselage 1 | Fuselage 2 | Wing 1 | Tail 1 | X-tail |
Tip & tricks | NEW Electro fuse
| Servo X-tail | Neutral X-tailAntenna solutionMore Photos |
Success | Setup |
| Video of F3F turns in only 2m/s | Video of winch launch (onboard camera) |

Success of Brio:
Already the Brio shows power around the world
- Kevin Newton won the UK F3F League in 2002 by the largest amount in many years using the Brio prototype. 
- National champion F3J 2003, Jo Grini of Norway. Main model was Superior but Brio was also used in preliminary rounds with success.


Pictures of the V-tail fuse:

The new fuse is slip on nose cone and not as long as the Superior.

It will hold ballast like the Pike WR did but is slimmer.

Brio V-tail is 2 piece. Profile MG-05

Pictures of Pike Brio with X-tail fuse (same wing seat as Superior)